Gary repairing a Miller High Life neon Sign 

Old School neon sign repair

Service My Sign

 2016 Old School Logo Design 

Throwback Logo Design : Sparks Electric

 Miller's Agency - Old School Aluminum Pan Face 

Throwback Sign - Nostalgia in Northampton

Small Business Data Storage and Backup Trends in 2013

Backup, Back-up, BACK-UP your business data.  We at G&L's Sign Factory speak from experience.  Back in 2006 we had our only network drive with all our customer files on it go bad.  At least we had a Electronic Data Protection rider on our insurance policy, so we only had to pay our $200 deductible.  This is sometime else you could consider looking into. So, if your current insurance provider does not offer this type of a policy, you might want to look at switch to one that does. Small Business Data Storage and Backup Trends in 2013.

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Aluminum Water Bottles

Looking for that next great promotional item to put your company logo on?  Why not try looking at our Selection of Aluminum Water Bottles. Click here to get a look at our most recent project for the NICU @ Lehigh Valley Hospital.    

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